Are you . . .

Struggling with body shame?

Feeling guilty because you can’t control your weight?

Afraid of failing (again!)?

Feeling not good enough?

Fed up with having “lose weight” on your to-do list?

Are you . . .

»  Struggling with body shame?

» Feeling guilty because you can’t control your weight?

»  Afraid of failing (again!)?

» Feeling not good enough?

»  Fed up with having “lose weight” on your to-do list?

Have you been letting society’s idea of ideal weight control how you feel about your body?

I can relate because I’ve been there my whole life.

I’ve always been a curvy girl. I remember feeling if I could just keep the weight off, I’d be happy. I know those feelings are real. I know because I’ve felt those feelings too.

I know.

I also know that it’s just a matter of time before something life-changing happens – like a health crisis, an illness or injury, or a depression – and it will push you over the edge.

Isn’t it time you made peace with food, your body, and yourself?

Are you having heart palpitations right now?

I get it. The thought of embarking on this journey is probably causing you to feel anxious, uncertain and quite frankly . . .  Scared.To.Death!

But I’m also willing to bet you’re feeling hopeful and excited too. For me . . . I know I couldn’t have found my way out without the help of some amazing people who supported, guided, and encouraged me.

So, what if you had someone helping you?

To identify and focus on what matters to YOU. Someone who has been there. Someone who has felt exactly like you’re feeling right now.

I’ll be here to support you as you take a courageous step into a more open relationship with your inner world, to guide you on your journey and light your path as you discover what’s been holding you back, and to encourage you to make your dreams reality.

Deep in your heart, you know you’re ready. You know NOW is your time.

Is your heart pounding right now?

Then it’s the perfect time to connect for a complimentary 30-minute Wellness Consult so we can sit with your heart and talk about how we can tap into that.

Seriously, this is what I live for.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a Wellness Consult now. I can’t wait to connect with you!

I approached Sandra initially because of her confident and sparkling demeanor.  Using ThetaHealing Technique, Sandra helped me to unwind a couple of issues. The crazy thing was that I actually felt the difference the next day in my daily tasks! It felt like I had finally solved this issue and could move on. I just love how Sandra puts me at ease and moves forward with such confidence. Delightful! I recommend Sandra to people who feel stuck with regular counselling methods as an additional tool in the kit.

Linda Schlaumleffel

Instructor & Speaker, Nordic Polewalking Victoria

Sandra showed up in my life when I was going through a deep personal discovery stage and I feel like she was put in my path to help guide me through it. I had not heard about the ThetaHealing Technique, but Sandra was so confident in its results, I knew I had to give it a try. Our first session changed my life! Sandra helped me by using both her intuitive guidance and the ThetaHealing technique to dig down to the root beliefs that were holding me back. I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts with her and within an hour I was reaching for a tissue and feeling like 40 years of baggage just slid off my shoulders. I started an entirely new life path that day and continue to work with Sandra to uncover and release more of those old beliefs. Not only is Sandra a warm, generous and intelligent woman, she knows how to use the knowledge she’s acquired to help people get the results they need.

Karen Kirby

About Sandra

I’m a Wellness Coach and body image healer who overcame decades of self-limiting beliefs and negative programming about body image and weight loss. I’m passionate about holistic healing and I’m on a heart-led mission to help high-vibe women cross “lose weight” off their to-do list by helping them redefine their worth and their approach to their weight loss goals, so they can finally make peace with food, their bodies, and themselves.

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