Asking yourself soul searching questions is a powerful way to gain self-awareness at any time of life, but especially when you’re in the midst of a change or transition.

With this comprehensive list you can answer a bunch of questions in one sitting, or you can answer just one question at a time when the inspiration strikes you.

Now, if you don’t already own a journal – I enthusiastically suggest you get one (or many!) to write down your thoughts on these questions. I love buying beautiful journals and often buy them when I want to treat myself.

To inspire your soul searching musings, I’ve included a few links* to some gorgeous journals that you can order online and have them delivered right to your door!

Now, some of you may be thinking about using a journalling app on your phone because it’s convenient. I get it. But, if I’m honest, I’d say that using an app just isn’t the same as putting pen to paper. There’s an energy – an aliveness – that comes from hand writing in a journal. There’s just something special about the flow of pen on paper. It sets your creative spirit free. So, use an app if you must, but hand writing in a journal would always be my recommendation.

And to amp up your creativity even more, why not go wild with coloured markers and pens too.

Once you’ve got a journal, carry it with you everywhere. That way, you can answer a question while waiting in line, waiting at a restaurant, on your lunch break. Just about anywhere, anytime!

Enjoy the inward journey!

Soul Searching Questions

1. Where is my heart guiding me?

2. What do I need to say that I have left unspoken?

3. Are there any of my skills or talents that I’m not using?

4. What is my personal blind spot; what have I been unwilling to look at?

5. Where have I been worrying too much about what others think?

6. What new patterns and habits can I invite into my life?

7. Where have I been more focused on how I look, rather than how I feel?

8. What fears am I willing to release?

9. What am I committed to changing?

10. What is my body craving?

11. What commitments to myself can I honour?

12. What new habit can I start?

13. How do I want to feel?

14. What signs have I been misinterpreting or ignoring?

15. What lessons am I learning right now?

16. Where can I surrender?

17. Where can I take responsibility for the outcome?

18. What’s a challenge I have overcome that I can celebrate?

19. Where can I ask for help and from who?

20. What expectations am I ready to release?

21. How is life asking me to grow right now?

22. How have I let fear dictate my actions?

23. What can I remove from my life?

24. What have I been avoiding out of fear?

25. Where can I show more of my true self?

26. What area of my life have I become disenchanted with and what is that trying to tell me?

27. What has my intuition been trying to tell me?

28. Where do I feel broken? What steps will I take to release this internal pain?

29. What am I learning on the way to reaching my goal?

30. What did I love to do as a child that I can do today?

31. Where have I blocked myself from feeling?

32. Where have I been focusing too much on the outcome?

33. Where in my life do I feel I need to take action?

34. What current situation in my life have I been resisting?

35. In what ways can I appreciate myself more?

36. What flaw that I hide from others can I reveal?

37. What long-term success am I working to create?

38. What healthier habits can I start?

39. Am I living my values every day?

40. What dream have I ignored that keeps coming back?

41. What situation in my life turned out to be a giant blessing in disguise?

42. Where have I been settling?

43. What action steps can I take to raise my standards?

44. What is my fear trying to tell me?

45. In what ways can I be kinder to myself?

46. What have I given up on that still wants to be pursued?

47. Where have I been forcing myself to heal faster than what feels right?

48. How have I been cheating on my future by thinking thoughts of my past?

49. What “flaw” can I accept today?

50. Where have I been hesitating to take action?

51. What has the universe been asking me to release?

52. What past situation have I been romanticizing?

53. How has my past hurt my ability to move forward?

54. What plan feels forced or like it no longer fits in my life? Can I let it go?

55. What emotion have I been hiding?

56. What are my instincts trying to tell me?

57. What does my ideal life look and feel like?

58. In what area of my life can I take more of a leadership role?

59. Where can I be more unapologetic about what brings me joy?

60. Where have I been playing it safe?

61. What action step can I take despite my insecurity or lack of confidence?

62. How am I standing in my own way?

63. What stories am I telling myself that are holding me back?

64. What do I feel guilty about?

65. When do I feel most alive?

66. What have I denied myself that I really want?

67. Who can I forgive?

68. In what relationship am I not feeling the way I want to feel?

69. What am I avoiding right now in my life?

70. What have I stopped doing that I want to start again?

71. What do I need to say but have not voiced?

72. How do I measure my success?

73. What barriers do I create that keep me from getting what I want?

74. In my life what am I forcing?

75. What have I denied myself that I really want?

76. What insecurity can I love today?

77. Can I consider a more fun-loving approach?

78. What project can I give new life to?

79. What is the silver lining of my current situation?

80. What relationship can I remove myself from?

81. What patterns keep repeating in my life, and what can I learn from them?

82. What drama can I disengage with?

83. What miracle have I recently witnessed?

84. How can I be more honest with those who are close to me?

85. What dream have I been ignoring?

86. What recent situation do I need to take responsibility for?

87. Where can I stop second-guessing my own judgment?

88. What desire do I need to revisit?

89. Where have I allowed “no” to stop me?

90. What act of kindness can I do right now?

91. What promise can I keep to myself?

92. Where can I be more courageous with my heart?

93. Where can I be more understanding?

94. Where has scarcity or lack-based thought prevented me from doing what I love?

95. When I listen to my heart, what does it say?

96. What payoff is no longer pleasing me?

97. What action step can I take today that my future self will hug me for?

98. What change can I make today?

99. What little act of kindness can I do today?

  1. What new beginning am I being guided to?

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