If you’re ready to finally make peace with food, your body, and YOURSELF, then request a Wellness Consult where we can:

Get to know one another and decide if working together is a right fit.

Dream together about your hopes and dreams for your life.

Explore what’s getting in the way of you having it all.

Then we can map out a plan to move your life forward.

So you can finally cross “lose weight” off your to-do list.

Sound good?


When working with me . . .

You’ll experience my purposely-positive outlook, but also my no-nonsense approach.

We’ll dig deep to identify those hidden beliefs that have been preventing you from getting what you want. So, if you’re looking for a quick-fix or an easy way out, then I’m probably not the coach you’re looking for.

But if you’re ready to think bravely, act boldly and accomplish brilliantly and you’d like someone along for the journey who will support, encourage, and guide you while holding you 100% accountable, I can definitely help.

If you value connection, authenticity and fun then click the Get Started now button below and let’s get you on your way to a life you love.

Disclaimer:  All spiritual healing sessions with Sandra Sterling-Weicker are for personal and spiritual growth purposes only. Sandra is not a medical doctor and therefore she does not diagnose medical conditions. Her sessions are not a substitute for advice or treatment that you would normally receive from a professional such as a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist or financial advisor. It is advised that clients in crisis first seek professional help.

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