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The ThetaHealing Technique

The ThetaHealing Technique is a meditation technique based on a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body, and spirit while developing virtues in all that you do. It uses focused thought and prayer to release emotional patterns and clear limiting beliefs that get in the way of creating unlimited abundance in our lives.

The ThetaHealing technique is taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It teaches how to use your own natural intuition, relying on unconditional love of the Creator of All That Is to do the actual “healing”. In ThetaHealing, we believe that through the ThetaHealing Technique, intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional wellbeing.

The ThetaHealing Technique was developed by Vianna Stibal in 1995. You can read in her first book how she developed it and how she used the technique to heal herself and her clients. Now the ThetaHealing Technique is used by practitioners around the world to heal physical pain, release emotional trauma, and clear limiting beliefs and patterns.

The ThetaHealing Technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy – not specific to one religion, but accepting them all.

Disclaimer:  All spiritual healing sessions with Sandra Sterling-Weicker are for personal and spiritual growth purposes only. Sandra is not a medical doctor and therefore she does not diagnose medical conditions. Her sessions are not a substitute for advice or treatment that you would normally receive from a professional such as a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist or financial advisor. It is advised that clients in crisis first seek professional help.

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